Sunday, 9 September 2012

Culprits Get Cooking

I have always loved one thing about Second Life more than anything else..
the ability to create the mundane in the most exciting way.

I swore a long time ago that kitchens were totally unnecessary in SL.. there was/is a plethora of ordinary kitchens .. either just sitting there with no functionality, or jam packed with all sorts of incongruous sex. I am not dissing sex here though.. i mean .. yeah wooopi in the breakfast nooki is all very well and good but at least it could be original and kitchen centric.. like giving it to a canteloup, wild unsalted butter massages, oral sex with roses marmelade or even gettiing it on in an open fridge.. but no .. its always like 120 bonks and gropes that would be just as much at home on a lazy-boy recliner or a sealey posturpedic.. but anyway.

So .. imagine my surprise about a month ago when Humps dumps this aga-type stove on me.. and i get all excited in a textury way.. and shout orders at him for more kitchen stuff while i blacken the stove.. brass and tarnish the knobs and bars.. and finally dive right into buns.. lots of them.. to the point where i was gaspiing .. ok this is the last one.. while already starting the next tray.

And weeks of work culminated in a kitchen I would love to have in RL if this was an ideal world and someone else did all the stuff like wash dishes by hand.. and knead the dough.. (i am a mod cons type of girl btw)

Totalling 22 Land Impact for all you see in the picture. The kitchen set comes with either an Ivory, Tomato or Avocado Fridge.

The Stove, the Sink and the Table all have interactive animations with props, wearables and sounds where appropriate.

All items are Mod/Copy

The Fridges are in a gorgeous deco style.. with that aura of glorious days gone by.. when appliances were a work of art.

Land Impact is 2 ... even with all that chrome work..

For sure the land impact count would go up or down with resizing.. but it takes quite a bit of stretching to bump it up to a wasteful land impact of a gasping 3.. hehe.

When Yure got her sweaty paws on the kitchen she brought it to life even more with her unique cooking, baking and washing up animations.

The kitchen can be bought as a set but single components are available inworld at Culprit.
But wait... where are the buns you say... the buns and lots of other delicious knicky-knackies are there too...

Hot cross buns!
One ha' penny, two ha' penny,
Hot cross buns!
If you have no daughters,
Give them to your sons
One ha' penny,
Two ha' penny,
Hot Cross Buns!

and sakura anpan.. and smiley face buns...
you can almost smell them.. (1 Land Impact per tray)

If you're that way inclined.. you could make your own if you like.  So come on down and prod our buns... cook eggs on the stove... make a general nuisance in our kitchen.. we would love to see you.

Love and chikins..
eku, humps and yure.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Culprit at the Twisted Hunt.

Culprit has the privilege of taking part in the Twisted Hunt.

We have two lovely (if slightly twisted) items for you to hunt down somewhere within the Culprit Store.  We had a wonderful time making them and hope that you get just as much enjoyment using them.

We are now looking forward to our next store releases (coming very soon) if only to distract Eku from running around the Culprit sims shouting "orf with their heads". 

PS. No animals were hurt during the testing of the guillotine.. the kangaroo snuck in and topped himself while we werent looking.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Restless Laurels...

Just as us three Culprits were about to rest a wee bit on our laurels.. the fountains began to breed, and before too long, there were two more additions to the collection..

The pebbles had already left to take a spend a dirty weekend in the country (its Friday morning here.. so yes, they were a tad hasty) so our new arrivals sport cracked stone and mosaic..

Culprit Roman Wall Fountain (mesh)

A taste of the older, elegant life...
A deliciously cracked stone fountain with a delicate trickle of water falling into an emerald green basin of water below...

Land Impact 3
250L M/T

Culprit Mosaic Fountain (mesh)

Something a little larger, a little more simple while still being delightful. 2 levels of water, brushed by the breeze.. with a small central fountain spout.

Land Impact 5 (will change with resize up or down)
250 M/T

We are hoping that the pebbles return safe and sound .. (and hopefully bring souveniers..) as we have become rather fond of them already.  But for the next few days at least, us Culprits plan to stay on dry ground and hammer out a few land locked items =^^=

love and chikens

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Culprits wet their mesh a little..

Humps and I do so love our fountains and wet things...
So we decided to take the plunge and wet our mesh.

First I sent Humps out into the pouring rain .. armed with a brollie and wellies of course.. I am not that sadistic... and told him to gather up lots of river and beach stones.

I thought he would be a good boy and just load his pockets.. but no, he had to highjack a brewery horse and cart and bring back the whole of Brighton Beach..

I stayed at home warm and dry and hammered away at pretty granite .. stuck individual mosaics.. polished the bronzes .. while Yure went out to gather the freshest mountain spring water for our creations..

and here we have them...

Culprit Tsukubai

Artfully chizelled granite with gently lapping water.. resting on a slab of mossy stone with hand picked river stones (i sent Humps out for those.. it was bloodywell raining). Completed by a delicate bamboo water scoop.
Land Impact 2
250L Mod/Trans

Culprit Pebble Pond

Gorgeous coloured river stones in a lichen covered stone basin.
Watch the water ripple around the stones... as the light plays over the ripples..

Land Impact 2
250L Mod/Trans
Culprit Pebble Orb Fountain

(ok.. ok i know.. but the pebbles are so pretty..)

Smooth stone orb with stunning water flow.. hypnotic to watch .. Smooth riverstones nest in the base while water shimmers and ripples around them.

Land Impact 3
250L Mod/Trans
Culprit Lotus Barrel

Delicate leaves and pink lotus blossoms in a barrel of icey water... Perfect for any space that needs a little bit of colour.

Land Impact 3
250L Mod/Trans
Culprit Sandstone Pebble Fountain

Elegant wall water feature... carved from smooth sandstone.
Water falls gently from a brass spout into .. yes.. you guessed it.. more of those lovely pebbles... (bless you Humps)

Land Impact 4
250L Mod/Trans

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Culprit Distressed Bloo Mag Table.

Finely textured, artfully crafted
2 Land Impact

Price: 100
Permissions: Trans 

Art Deco Inlay Cabinet

Art Deco Inlay Cabinet
Delicate and Refined
1 Land Impact

Price: 100
Permissions: Trans 

Chinese Apocethary Cabinets

From the Culprits come delightful mesh cabinets.

Chinese Apocethary Cabinets
Finely textured, artfully crafted
2 Land Impact

Price: 100
Permissions: Trans 


Saturday, 11 August 2012


Welcome to the brand new blog for Culprit Furniture in Second Life.

At Culprit we specialise in sculpty and mesh furniture with the focus on super quality and low prices. All our furniture contains custom animations by our in house animator and we make all of our own textures.

Enjoy our blog and do please visit us in world or browse our store on SL Marketplace.