Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Culprits wet their mesh a little..

Humps and I do so love our fountains and wet things...
So we decided to take the plunge and wet our mesh.

First I sent Humps out into the pouring rain .. armed with a brollie and wellies of course.. I am not that sadistic... and told him to gather up lots of river and beach stones.

I thought he would be a good boy and just load his pockets.. but no, he had to highjack a brewery horse and cart and bring back the whole of Brighton Beach..

I stayed at home warm and dry and hammered away at pretty granite .. stuck individual mosaics.. polished the bronzes .. while Yure went out to gather the freshest mountain spring water for our creations..

and here we have them...

Culprit Tsukubai

Artfully chizelled granite with gently lapping water.. resting on a slab of mossy stone with hand picked river stones (i sent Humps out for those.. it was bloodywell raining). Completed by a delicate bamboo water scoop.
Land Impact 2
250L Mod/Trans

Culprit Pebble Pond

Gorgeous coloured river stones in a lichen covered stone basin.
Watch the water ripple around the stones... as the light plays over the ripples..

Land Impact 2
250L Mod/Trans
Culprit Pebble Orb Fountain

(ok.. ok i know.. but the pebbles are so pretty..)

Smooth stone orb with stunning water flow.. hypnotic to watch .. Smooth riverstones nest in the base while water shimmers and ripples around them.

Land Impact 3
250L Mod/Trans
Culprit Lotus Barrel

Delicate leaves and pink lotus blossoms in a barrel of icey water... Perfect for any space that needs a little bit of colour.

Land Impact 3
250L Mod/Trans
Culprit Sandstone Pebble Fountain

Elegant wall water feature... carved from smooth sandstone.
Water falls gently from a brass spout into .. yes.. you guessed it.. more of those lovely pebbles... (bless you Humps)

Land Impact 4
250L Mod/Trans

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