Thursday, 8 May 2014

Culprit Shines a Light on Things

Culprit WayFarer's Rest

A small but homely lighthouse
57 LI at rezzed size
Footprint: less than 14x10

Doors and WIndows
Touch to open or close.

Owner touch to set access
Touch to turn on or off.

Touch ladder at the bottom to rez a green ball, sit on it.. climb up.
Touch ladder at the top to rez a green ball, sit on it .. climb down.
Multiple avatars can use the ladder at the same time, just touch to rez a new ball while someone else is climbing up or down the stairs.

Lighthouse Light.
To turn on or off touch the light center ball in the tower
Brightness can be controlled from here.

Tower top
There are places for 11 avatars to sit.
Touch the tower roof and sit, choose from the menu.
Already occupied animations will display the name of the avatar sitting there and cannot be chosen by someone else.

See it inworld

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